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FAQ :  Frequently Asked Questions
Q.  What am I paying for when I hire a DJ ? And why is it so expensive ?

A.   This is an excellent question !  There are two different DJs that you can hire, first is your low cost live jukebox DJ, this DJ will will pretty much just stand there and just play music all night without any interaction at all, they usually do not have any wedding experience . They will not know how to actually coordinate a wedding , unfortunately you will not know this until it is too late !  Second is a professional wedding DJ company like Torch Productions. We will not only play music, but we will play the right music, we will line up your bridal party before the introductions in the proper order and be sure that we are properly pronouncing everyone's name, then we will perform the introductions to the music that you select. we will coordinate the cake cutting, the parent dances, any special dances, and the garter and bouquet. We will work together with the staff, the photographer and or videographer to make sure everyone knows what is happening, and when it is happening. Your entertainment professional will check in with you numerous times throughout the evening to keep you informed of events as they unfold., they will keep the party going the entire evening. In reality the price you pay with Torch Productions is very competitive to the professional industry, and is a small price to pay for a flawless once in a lifetime event !

Q.  Do you take breaks ?

A.  No, our DJs never take breaks, the music continues to play the entire evening. If the DJ stops to eat dinner, the music still continues to play with preprogrammed dinner music, no silent gaps or dead air.

Q.  Are you insured ?

A.  Yes, we carry full liability insurance with $1,000,000.00 in coverage, and we have available certificates on file if requested. These days most all wedding venues require proof of insurance from all vendors.
You don't want to find out the day of your wedding that your DJ will not be able to perform due to the fact that he did not have insurance. You don't want to take that gamble on your special day.

Q.  What is the booking process ?

A.   Once you have made the choice to book your event with Torch Productions, you will be issued a booking contract either by regular mail, or by e-mail. Your contract will contain all the information pertaining to your event, you will read through it, sign it, and return by mail with your deposit. An event is not officially considered booked until a signed contract and deposit are received. You will then be sent an e-mail containing a booking confirmation and a login username and password so that you may access our free online event planner. Now the planning begins ! Torch Productions is available at any time to answer any questions that you may have. The balance of your total amount will be due 10 days prior to your event, if you wish to pay on the day of your event it must be paid in cash and prior to the start of your event.
You will be called at least two weeks prior to your event to schedule a meeting to discuss all of the final details of your special day. 

Q.  Are you affiliated with any associations ?

A.  Yes, we are proudly a member of NAME - The National Association Of Mobile Entertainers

Q.  Why can't I just Use an ipod for my wedding ?

A.   ipods are only capable of playing the music that you load into them, they can't read a crowd and tell when to change the type of music being played. Torch Productions provides professional DJs that will be able to read the crowd and the dance floor and seamlessly keep the party going with no gaps in the music, one of our entertainment professionals will also MC your event and keep everyone in the loop so that everyone always knows what is next. our professional entertainment skills will keep your party going until the very last song of the evening. Also if an ipod fails then there is no backup plan, Torch Productions always has a backup plan and backup equipment  to ensure that in the very rare event there is a problem, the party still keeps going ! 

Q.   Will I meet my DJ before my wedding ?

A.  There will never be any surprises, you will meet with your DJ prior to your wedding so that he understands your needs, and so that you will know each other on a more personal level before your special day.  Tom Winsey, owner of Torch Productions meets personally with all clients and 90 percent of the time Tom is the DJ at all weddings.

Q.  Will my DJ play requests ?

A.  We will always respect your play and DO NOT Play lists, if you do not want it, we will not play it, and as long as you allow it, we will always play your guests requests as long as they are appropriate.

Q.  How early should we book ?

A.   The sooner the better, most bride and grooms usually booth within six months to a year before their wedding. wedding bookings usually fill up fast, especially Saturday weddings, sorry, we cannot hold dates, when a deposit is received, the wedding is booked.

Q.  Can our DJ stay overtime if need be ?

A.  Yes, your DJ is yours for the night.  Please discuss this with your DJ first as there is an overtime fee that must be paid. You will also have to check with the room manager and get overtime approved with that person.  Remember, your DJ is an entertainer and loves what he does, he would love to keep the party going !

Q.  Will I get charged for set-up time ?

A.  No, All of our DJs are required to be at a venue one hour prior to start time to get set up, do a sound check, get dressed and have music playing when your guests arrive, You will never be charged for set-up.

Q. How extensive is your music library ?

A.  We carry over 70,000 titles with us to every event and also a backup and our library consists of many genre of music ranging from the 1940's all the way up to the most current hits and we get our music from professional subscriptions from names like Promo Only and Top Hits USA. With that many songs everyone is sure to be satisfied.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions that we hear when speaking to clients, if you have any other questions, please be sure to contact us and we would be more than happy to answer them for you.